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How do I change the colour of Signable documents?

While we’re big fans of blue, we understand you might want to make sure the signing page is aligned with your branding, rather than ours.

How to change your brand colour

Step 1

Head to Branding on the left-hand side panel. Once in Branding, click the ‘Edit’ box under either ‘Primary' or 'Secondary' colour. Your Primary colour serves as the main colour of the signing page when a signer is signing their document, your Secondary colour further serves as an accent to your primary!

Step 2

In the window that opens, click the box under ‘Select a brand colour’ to open the colour picker. Here you can select a colour using the colour picker interface, or by entering a hex value for your desired colour.

To identify the hex value of a colour you can use a website like this.

Step 3

Once you’ve chosen your selected brand colour, click ‘OK’, followed by ‘Save’ and you’re all set.

If you want to make your signing page even more swish, you could also add your company logo, as explained here.

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