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How do I cancel an envelope without notifying assigned parties?

To cancel an envelope without notifying the assigned parties, Signable offers the option of 'Expiring' an envelope.

Step 1

Go to your Envelopes’ dashboard

Step 2

Find the envelope you want to expire and click the title of the envelope to view the envelope status page.

Here, you can remind, expire or cancel the envelope as well as viewing the history log.

Step 3

To manage envelope expiry settings, click the ‘Expiry settings’ button near the bottom right of the page.

Step 4

You should now be presented with an options box where you can select the date and time you wish the envelope to expire at, or choose to to have it expire immediately.

Once expired, parties will no longer be able to view the envelope. This action is exactly the same as cancelling an envelope except we don’t notify any of the parties that the envelope has been expired, it’s also important to note that once expired, we cannot retrieve the document.

⚡️  Tip: You can also set envelopes to expire automatically.

Related questions

Will expiring an envelope refund the credit?

Expiring a document will not refund the credit you used to send it, so it’s always a good idea to give a document a ‘once over’ before you hit send!

Can I ‘undo’ this action?

Once expired, an envelope status cannot be reverted, so make sure you’ve got the correct envelope before expiring it!

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