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How will my Party message look?

Great question! You’ve got your party message written out, ready to send but are curious how it may look? Look no further.

The exact appearance of the party message within a Signable email will depend on if you’ve edited the email templates we send out under the Branding tab. (Note, that this feature is only available to our Small Business plans and up) For example’s sake, here’s what the default email template looks like.

Now, don’t be too startled by all of the technical jargon displayed, each of those bracketed phrases correspond with information that will be pulled through into the email itself, these are called Variables.

The {party message} variable is where your selected party message is going to pull through by default. So, let’s say I want to add the party message, “Hello there, this is your personalised party message!”, here’s how it would look within an email, like above.

As you can see, the message has pulled through just above the link to the document itself, so nice and clear! Again, this is entirely editable under the Branding tab, for more info on this – click here!

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